Grandpa's Apple Pie

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Grandpa's Apple Pie

Note from The Girl In The Apron:

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. The autumn leaves, the brisk air but most importantly, the PIE! I’ve been making pies since I was a young girl with my Grandpa. I remember climbing the mulberry tree in my Grandparents backyard, bringing my bounty in and making the most delicious pies with my Grandpa. But one of my most cherished childhood memories is learning how to make my Grandpa’s Apple Pie. My family and I having been picking apples at the same orchard for over 50 years, Legend Hills Orchard, in Utica Ohio. We’d pack up our truck and head out into the country with my Mom, Dad, Sister and Grandparents. We’d pick our apples, feed some roadside country pigs, eat at our favorite restaurant and grab a scoop of ice cream at Ye Olde Mill on the way home. I usually make my Apple Pies with those famous Ohio Apples every year, Golden Delicious Apples to be specific, but your favorite apple variety is great. I like to taste test the apple before baking to measure how much sugar to add. And since we’re all about quick and easy here at The Girl In The Apron, I’m using my pie baking best friend, Pillsbury Pie Crust. Enjoy!

Happy Cooking!



1 Pillsbury Pie Crust, unrolled and placed in pie pan


8-9 apples, peeled and cored

1/2 cup granulated sugar

Ground cinnamon, sprinkle till it covers the apples (roughly 1/4 cup)

2 Tablespoons butter


1 cup flour

1 cup sugar 

1/2 cup butter, softened


Preheat oven to 375. 

In a large bowl, place peeled and cored apples, cut into large chunks. Add sugar. Sprinkle cinnamon over top of apples to cover. Mix well.

In prepared Pillsbury Pie Crust, place 2 Tbsp. butter on top of the crust at bottom of pan. Add apple filling, stacking apples high.

In the same large bowl, combine flour, sugar and softened butter. With a fork, blend flour and sugar into butter. Mixture should be crumbly and butter should be the size of peas. 

Place pie pan in the kitchen sink for easy clean up. Evenly distribute topping over top of the pie.

Bake pie at 375 degrees  for 20 mins. After 20 mins, drop oven temperature down to 350 degrees and bake for 40-50 mins, or until pie is bubbly around edges and apples are soft all the way through when toothpick inserted.